Sunday, February 25, 2024

Overcoming Creative Insecurities #SoulfulSunday

When I write a poem or a personal piece, my biggest concern is whether I am repeating myself. Will it become boring to the reader because I keep circling the same themes? This thought can be damaging because the answer I often come up with is yes; I am repeating myself, and the reader will […]

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Creative Writing

Stagnant #SoulfulSunday

still —trapped water,nowhere to go,breading foul insects,swarmed withnastiness. when the pen is denied from ventingstagnant words clutter the mind— bad ink,dreadful thoughts,inferior words,and a whole lot of bruises decorate the inside of the mind. don’t stop creating becauseyou think that your creation isn’t good enoughit matters that you keep creatinglet the ink flowlet the words […]

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