Wednesday, July 08, 2020
Life MicroBlog Mondays

I am happy when ..

Lately, I am coming across a lot of happiness related reads. It’s silly how all we want to be is happy and end up not happy for the most part of our life. That’s because we connect happiness with success and wealth more often than not. Wherein reality any rate of success and wealth cannot […]

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Success first then happiness? 

Really? Think again. Can you be happy only if you are successful? That’s going to be a painful life at least for me if I can be happy only if I am successful! I mean, can anyone ever be happy like that? So you got a raise at work or bagged a promotion and you are […]

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Days are getting busier with the atoz challenge going on. I am in the game with my other blog, Void Thoughts. There is a lot of reading and writing and sharing happening in the world of blogs because of this challenge. Lots of new connections are made. I am giving my best to catch up […]

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