Thursday, October 28, 2021

Those Were The Best Days! #SoulfulSunday

Last night as I was taking my routine Facebook stroll I happened to overhear this conversation that took place in my feed. Someone in my friend list posted their school photo and others commented “those were the best days”, “if only we could relive those days”, etc.  Often when I hear this statement the question […]

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Creative Writing

Declutter! #SoulfulSunday

the clatter in mind never subsidesthough I wish to get rid of, it one by oneneither do I want to talk about the clutter my mind hoards all day long it seeps in, everywheremy sleep suffers in its wrathacross my mind, all over my dreams,spills the clutterso does the clatter i don’t wish to talk […]

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Blogging Random Thoughts

Beneath the Layers #SoulfulSunday 4

When I write morning pages in the morning, to absorb all my thoughts into a piece of paper, I often find myself empty. I feel nothing. Words disappear. Thoughts hide somewhere.  But I know they aren’t gone. Probably just shy. As I sit here to write down my immediate thoughts, I look around and see […]

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