Sunday, April 11, 2021

Some Blogging Fun #MondayMusings

Back in 2014 when I decided to take the veil off and blog actively something had changed within me. Or maybe, it was the aftermath of something that had changed that gave me permission to get out in the open and try out this new road called blogging. That was the time when I came […]

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January Joys – Gratitude List

The first gratitude post of the year! My only commitment as the new year rolled in was to take care of myself. And that’s exactly what I did this month and I’m extremely grateful for that. I hope to continue doing the same in the coming days.   Personal Front Self-care, reduce stress, take it […]

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Life Random Thoughts

Losing to Self-doubt #MondayMusings

It’s almost December mid. Another year almost ran its course and the next one is ready to pounce upon us. Year after year we say the same things, carry the same hopes, with maybe some slight changes in goals and plans, but in effect a new year is always welcomed as a reset button, though, […]

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Random Thoughts

Does age matter? #MondayMusings

No, I am not talking about your age. Let me clarify. How do you think of yourself in the young-old spectrum? How old are you? Is seventy old for you? How about thirty? When do you think of yourself or anyone as old? And enlighten me what old means to you. I turned 35 last […]

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Life MicroBlog Mondays

I am happy when ..

Lately, I am coming across a lot of happiness related reads. It’s silly how all we want to be is happy and end up not happy for the most part of our life. That’s because we connect happiness with success and wealth more often than not. Wherein reality any rate of success and wealth cannot […]

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MicroBlog Mondays Parenting Adventures

What’s my favorite? #MondayMusings #mg

Kanna was always full of questions. What? Why? How? Where? I have heard them over and over in different forms and textures in these past eight years. I’m sure you will agree with me if you have spent some time with kids, that their incessant questions are thought-provoking, brain stimulating and more often than not answer stumbling. […]

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Parenting Adventures

Parenting is not easy, neither is catching a breath if you are a parent! #MondayMusings

    You know what they say about working from home. That it is not easy. Well, add a 16-month-old to the mix and there you have it – a cocktail of the most unproductive working hours with tiredness, restlessness, and impatience growing at an exponential rate as the byproduct. Time management is crucial and […]

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Blogging MicroBlog Mondays

International Blog Delurking Week 2018

Hello, my dear readers! Do you know that January 12 -18 is International Blog Delurking week? I saw a lot of bloggers on my timeline sharing posts on this topic and sure enough, I was lurking around without even mumbling a word. Such was the week that has gone by. Coming days also I sense […]

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Word Of The Year 2018

Are we already one week into the New Year? It is time to set up our goals and resolutions for 2018, isn’t it? And of course, word of the year! I have been choosing a word of the year for the last three years. It was CALM, KIND and ENJOY for 2015, 2016 and 2017 […]

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2017 – Learnings, Gratitude, and Goodbye! #MondayMusings

This year whooshed past by me and I didn’t even realize it. As ridiculous as it may sound, I am getting mixed up with years – 2017 and 2016, they all more of a hazy memory. Though it feels like months sped along without a hi-bye, days were long, all of them. Learnings these days […]

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