Sunday, May 31, 2020
Personal Random Thoughts

Writing and Me

I write because I like writing. I liked writing since my childhood days. But then I was more attached to the book and pen and the prospect of writing down than the content. Even today the likenesses is more or less the same with the inclusion of content and the liberated feelings which is the […]

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Personal Random Random Thoughts

The week that went by..

Hope you all had a good week, better than mine at least, because I had a very bad week. I wasn’t well for the most part, still not completely well but getting better. My husband was travelling for couple of days during the week which added to the discomforts though he took care of everything […]

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Random Thoughts

I Believe..

I believe that What I believe in will happen. Anything is possible only if I put my mind to it. Miracles do or do not happen – Don’t wait for it. Doing good reaps good. It is okay to lose, cry or feel at loss. The only person who can help me is me. Mistakes […]

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Random Random Thoughts

Too tired to write

I never thought that I would get too tired to write. I was aware of losing interest in writing. I knew that I could run out ideas and I might give up some day. But not this, tiredness. The real reason is I am sharing sick bed with my kid now. So all that he was […]

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Kanna's Corner Life Personal

Kanna shares Wisdom!

Kanna was not well from last few days. He couldn’t go to school even today, that’s 3 days in a row. But being sick doesn’t make a 4-year-old to lay down and rest all the time. He wanted to play ‘the Yes-No’ game. In this game, one person tries to make the other one say […]

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Blogging Parenting Adventures Random Thoughts

The Parents of Digital Kids

My four-year-old son is using gadgets since he was one and a half-year-old. That was when we got an iPad. He never use/used gadgets without supervision. We let him play game and watch videos on iPad. It is so easy to use and to learn to use, that he figured out how to access the apps […]

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#MicroblogMondays 9 – First Vacation

Kanna is enjoying is first ever vacation this week. I am not sure if he is enjoying fully as he says that he is missing his friends at school. He was sighing last night that he was sure that others are going to school. Anyways, he is happy staying at home with only occasional “I miss […]

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Life Personal Random Thoughts

#MicroblogMondays 8: Last Name

You are in for a last name confusion treat here, brace yourself before diving in!   You probably didn’t know that my last  name isn’t Dileep. I bet that you didn’t know that  I have two names in my last name. Dileep is my husband’s first name. Usually in India we replace our maiden name with […]

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Life Personal Write Tribe

What if I die now?

Today is day 2 of the 7 Days to Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove at the Write Tribe. And today we are answering a question. The question I am going to answer is What if I die now? Yes, it is a strange question. And no, I have no inclination towards dying right now. But what if it […]

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I want to do..

Write Tribe is hosting 7 Days To Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove. Check it out. Today we are writing a list. There are a lot of things I want to do. Well, I’m not going to list all of it here today. Here is a few. 1. Join a Karate class. – I want to do this […]

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