Thursday, May 30, 2024

Weekly Gratitude – 17 #SoulfulSunday

As each day disappears into the night I feel incredibly grateful for making it through.  I started to type my gratitude for the week and I couldn’t put anything that had transpired in the week in eloquent words.  Because there was nothing spectacular or remotely excitable happened that I could share on this page. I […]

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Creative Writing

Stagnant #SoulfulSunday

still —trapped water,nowhere to go,breading foul insects,swarmed withnastiness. when the pen is denied from ventingstagnant words clutter the mind— bad ink,dreadful thoughts,inferior words,and a whole lot of bruises decorate the inside of the mind. don’t stop creating becauseyou think that your creation isn’t good enoughit matters that you keep creatinglet the ink flowlet the words […]

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