Friday, July 19, 2024

Rain #SoulfulSunday

I love rain. I have been in love with rain forever. Even then, when we were harassed by the rain during the Kerala monsoon season. I don’t like getting drenched in the rain. However, I love the gentleness of the drizzle, the pitter-patter of the incessant rain showers, the downpour and its rage dancing in […]

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Friday Reflections Random Thoughts

A Rainy Day Musing #FridayReflections

It’s Friday morning and a rainy day. Just drizzling now, switching from gentle showers to light drizzles as it pleases. It’s wonderful to sit at the table looking out the windows and gaze at the grey sky. For some reason, I never thought of rains as teardrops of the sky. I love rain and rainy days. […]

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