Thursday, May 30, 2024

Begin Again #SoulfulSunday

It feels odd being here. It’s been too long since I had last wandered along these corridors to share something from my heart. Trust me, I tried. I wanted to share. But the mere thought of showing up frightened me. And I have no idea why. Even at this very moment, I am scared. Like […]

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Life Random Thoughts

Losing to Self-doubt #MondayMusings

It’s almost December mid. Another year almost ran its course and the next one is ready to pounce upon us. Year after year we say the same things, carry the same hopes, with maybe some slight changes in goals and plans, but in effect a new year is always welcomed as a reset button, though, […]

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A different kind of writer’s block

April is the month of AtoZ challenge for bloggers. This time being all wised up, I decided not to take part in the challenge. After all, how could I blog every day except for the Sundays all through April, and keep up with the reading and interacting with fellow blogs? The last time I participated […]

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