Thursday, May 28, 2020

A different kind of writer’s block

April is the month of AtoZ challenge for bloggers. This time being all wised up, I decided not to take part in the challenge. After all, how could I blog every day except for the Sundays all through April, and keep up with the reading and interacting with fellow blogs? The last time I participated […]

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Blogging MicroBlog Mondays

Saying bye to Writer’s Block #MondayMusings & #MicroblogMondays

Do you believe in writer’s block? I am experiencing something of that sort but I am adamant not to call it as writer’s block. The break from blogging for two weeks has affected my blogging part of the brain. I say blogging and not writing because I write almost everyday as free writing and in […]

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Blogging Random Thoughts

Writer’s Block – Have you been there?

Today, Elly from Xpress Your Essence has blogged about the infamous “Writer’s Block”. I want to share my views on the same here. Before I started to blog consistently, I blamed it on the writer’s block. It was true that I had ideas and words floating inside my mind and it was true that when […]

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