Monday, September 25, 2023

Learning from Mistakes #SoulfulSunday

Last week, I revisited my older YouTube poetry videos, and I’ll be honest – it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I felt that they needed improvement, a lot of improvement. I started thinking, “Why did I bother to record this low-grade voice-over and dare to upload it?” My thoughts spiraled downward – I am not good […]

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Overcoming Creative Insecurities #SoulfulSunday

When I write a poem or a personal piece, my biggest concern is whether I am repeating myself. Will it become boring to the reader because I keep circling the same themes? This thought can be damaging because the answer I often come up with is yes; I am repeating myself, and the reader will […]

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Creative Writing

My Writing Struggle #FictionMonday

This morning I opened the Google docs app with the intention of writing. Write something. Anything. Poem, story, essay, six word story, even a sentence will do. As I wondered what to write, my mind went blank. All the ideas that bubbled in mind seemed irrelevant.  This has been the case for the past few […]

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