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Temporary Relations they are..

Six more days, and we will say goodbye to Worcester. We came here ten months back, where we didn’t know anyone. No friends of ours were living in this little town. It wasn’t a nice stay in the beginning owing to the lack of friends. I used to call up friends in India and other parts of UK to have a conversation. Good thing is that lack of socialising forced me to put the thoughts on regular blogging into action. And I made friends, virtual friends, from all parts of the world.

‘But then didn’t I make friends here in Worcester too? It can’t be tagged as friends per se, I will call them my temporary relations. That mom who smiles and says, “Hiya” when I am waiting at the bus stop. That lady walking her dog who nods her head just a little acknowledging my presence on my way to Kanna’s school in the afternoon. Those moms who I regularly talk to in the mornings and evenings in the school. Those regular faces in the bus.

You know, come to think of it I am acquainted with quite a lot of familiar faces and places here, which makes it difficult for me to go from here without saying goodbyes to all. The feeling was same when we left Phoenix last year. Having lived six years there, a lot of faces and places were close to my heart. I remember, every evening before I leave to pick up my husband, I see this lady on her evening walk in the apartment complex next to ours. After I buckle up my kid in the car seat and as I get into the driver seat, she waves at me, with a big warm smile and I wave her back. I don’t know her name. It was one of those temporary relations, which brought a big smile on my face, hers too.

Life is filled with many such temporary relations. They are like markers on a day. Absence of them on a particular day makes the day feel disoriented, like when one of us is sick. As we moved from Phoenix all of it changed. Our daily drives in the night, stopping by the Starbucks, exchanging pleasantries with the barista there, all of it was replaced with new markers. But no, the old ones can’t be erased completely. They are safe in our memories. They made our days, ours.

It will hard for few days to deal with the change, to live without those familiar faces and places that mark my day. And then those will be replaced with new ones. Saying goodbye here isn’t as heartbreaking as I had endured a year back. Now it’s just a little suffocation of words. No twinkling tears associated. No choking words tightening my throat. Just a little hesitation. A deep breath is all that is needed to get through this suffocation.

I can only thank to all those little moments, those faces, those places, which worked together to make my day. I’m sure I will miss all of it, however relieved I am at the thought of not having to wait for the bus, I shall miss that torturous waiting too.


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17 thoughts on “Temporary Relations they are..

  1. I know part of the feeling that you’re going through. But then again, I suppose London was slightly more higher on the social scale than Worcester and having lived there closed to eight years, it was almost home. But nevertheless, goodbyes or moving on is often hard, especially when you have family and need to pack and move everything. Good luck with everything, and if you are in Bangalore, we should meet 🙂

    1. I told Vinitha the same thing – we should meet 🙂
      Loved your post V. It’s hard but we must move on..and that’s what life is all about. Love and luck always..

      1. Hey Parul, I’m in bangalore now. We can meet with all. I will be here for one more week. Where are you in bangalore? Right now I’m in HSR layout.

  2. Kudos Dear!!! Well said… Life has to move on and yeah these memories are the only ones that we can carry with us all the time…Wish you will make more beautiful memories for us to read and treasure about 🙂 .. All the best.

  3. I grew up moving house almost every three years and now that I’m in one place for 33 years miss the change that change brings! Your life is so much more exciting with constant moves……..enjoy it while you’re still moving!

  4. Wish you all the best to get adapted to your new place soon and make more friends 🙂 I live in the same city from my birth, so it kinda feels good to think about relocating now and then 🙂

    Nice blog btw ! 🙂

  5. I can relate to how you must be feeling, Vinitha. I have moved around the US quite a bit. In a matter of 3 years we moved 5 (or 6?) states. Now, we have been at the same place for 2 years and it seems like a lifetime by our standards. 😛 Btw, are you moving to India for good? Or is this a temporary move? Either way hope your move goes well. Take care.

    1. We are in India for visa renewal. We were in phoenix, Arizona before for 6 years. Last year beginning we moved to India, then 4 months later we went to UK. Now back to India for visa extension. It is getting hectic with these moves with a school going kid. I understand what you are saying, Shantala. Many of our friends in the US has moved quite a lot depending on project. We just got lucky in Phoenix. 🙂

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