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That question which annoys me!

There is one question which I hear many times from different people which I never could understand why they are asking it. Most of you know that my kid is going to school now. The question I face is “Are you bored when he is at school?” All I want to say is, “Hell, No!!”

I don’t understand the origin of this question. I miss my kid when he is at school. But that doesn’t make me bored. In fact, I have so many things to do on a day that by the time I get ready to pick him up, I still might not have completed half the tasks I have chosen for the day. And trust me I am not lounging around watching desperate housewives all day long.

I love my kid and yes, my life revolves around his. But I was alive 26 years without him too. I can manage to get by, productively, 6 hours a day without his presence.

I don’t remember if I have asked this stupid question to anyone. Even if I had, I am sure that was before I had a baby. I don’t mind when people without kids ask me this question. Because they are not aware how busy a parent can be on a day.

If you don’t want to offend the moms rephrase the question. Are you bored implies that the person has nothing good to do. And it is offending.

Have you been through such instances? How did you deal the situation? Is it annoying to you too?


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0 thoughts on “That question which annoys me!

  1. Yes ! it’s have a good time for women !
    Some woman’s are easy to take this time 🙂
    Some women watching favorite TV shows 🙂
    Some woman’s would meet with neighbors 🙂
    Some women do read newspapers and magazines 🙂

    Everyone has their own hobbies 🙂

    1. Everyone has their own hobbies and ways to spend time. But it is crazy to assume that this is what someone will be doing at a given time and make comments and judge them based on that. 🙂

  2. This question used to annoy my mother alot too. In her times or the times when we were in school, housewives did not have much entertainment options so they used to idle around gossiping. But my mother was never into it she had lots of work to do. For me Dhruv has just started school 2 weeks back. He is in school for 2 and half hours only, not enough time for me.

    1. I understand your mother’s feeling very well. I was not even bored during my house wife days before kid. I knew what to do and whatever I did made me happy. How can I get bored then!!! I am glad you are getting at least a little time to yourself now that Dhruv has started school. Those times are essential to keep our sane. 🙂

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