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Soulful Sunday

The Week That Was #SoulfulSunday

I had a busy week last week. On Friday, I took a day off from everything I was doing. As it happens, I feel like I haven’t written for ages together, although, it has been only on just that day that I didn’t write. It amazes me how my mind puts distance between the days when there were none and convinces me that’s the truth. Cunning isn’t it! 

Yet, we can’t survive without this cheekiness our mind presents. Because on some days, it is our mind’s ability to put distance between days that help us forget, forgive, and move forward. 

To put things into perspective here I’m writing my gratitude for the week that’s gone by. 

Last week I was grateful for:

  • Finding time to study a lot
  • Attending a webinar on Women Back to Work
  • Getting an interview call
  • Talking to a recruiter and deciding what I didn’t want to do
  • Being able to take time off when I wasn’t feeling well
  • The silly laughs with Akku
  • Reading with Kanna
  • Longs walks with the husband
  • Availability of books to read and reading
  • Journaling
  • Some questions that follow me around bothering me and some answers that pop out of the blue
  • Friends that hang around to hear the sighs of silence and the stifled sobs long after the laughter dies
  • For writing
  • For the feeling that “I am enough”
  • For the little joys

This list is incomplete. There were more things I felt particularly sad about and grateful for last week. There are concerns that follow me around and moments of clarity that brightens my mind. 

Some days I feel everything I do is pointless. But some days I am grateful for all that I do because they keep me on my toes and allow me to move forward. 

So how was our week?

Written for #SoulfulSunday, an exercise to nourish our creative side, formulated by Esha and supported by Shilpa and yours truly.

Soulful Sunday
Soulful Sunday


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5 thoughts on “The Week That Was #SoulfulSunday

  1. Good to know about your week, Vinitha. It was quite a mix of things you enjoy, love doing and are happy to go for, right? I liked how you found so much to be grateful for. this week. The sadness will be there because what we’re seeing around us right now are unprecedented times!!! I wish you good luck for the job search, Vinitha. You’ve had so much to keep you busy and yet, you found the time to take a day off on Friday and write this post on the Sunday. You are amazing, girl!!!

  2. That sure looks like a busy week, Vini. I hope your health is better now. As Esha said, I think we all feel a sense of loss and at times it’s hard to enjoy what we have when we think of what others are going through. I guess we have to make the best of these times and move forward with gratitude.

  3. First of all, wish you the very very best for the job search, Vini. May you get the best! <3
    It's usually when we sit down to think about it, or write, that we realise all that we have to be grateful about, isn't it? For me, too, it's during the times of reflection that I notice all that I should be grateful for and all that I need not be sad about, or worried about, but still am!
    Hugs to you, dear. There will be times when we will be bogged down by life and times when we will feel buoyant. But, as you said, knowing that we are enough and grateful for so much will help us through those down times.

  4. I realised after writing my soulful sunday post on 30th May, when I couldn’t settle for a particulr idea to write my post on and the mind kept wandering off, my weeks are like mixed bags. 3 days being down, furious with everyone in the house and in the world, blowing the plaster out of the home’s walls with my mind ranting full swing (I am another version of Matilda this way. She could move things with her focussed mind whereas I blow off the walls’ plaster and paint with my screaming mind. The consequence however is nothing really happens in my reality apart from ranting.) The remaining 4 days I manage to somehow waddle through bearing just enough of everything which now makes me think – Is there anything which can make my days happier?
    Writing a gratitude list is a good idea for the Sunday post, especially if nothing else strikes. Taking the cue from your post, I will do a gratitude post next Sunday in case my spirit spares me the push to write the kind of post which requires to be protected.
    Cheers for the feeling of “I am enough” and all the best for many more interview calls leading to job offers which are meant to come your way.

    1. The truth is every week these days feel the same. It’s a repeat mode. But staying grateful, if not practiced, won’t stay in that repeat mode! So I am also planning to do the same for Soulful Sunday writing – a gratitude + week in review sort of post if nothing else strikes.
      Love that Matilda comparison. If only something happens in reality after all the rigorous screaming the mind does! ?

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