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This time of the year

This time of the year… #wordsmatter

It’s not that time of the year without pumpkins and ghostly figures displayed in every store here. Of course, Christmas lights along with figures of Santa clause and snowman are twinkling, too. Sales banners are up too in all the stores, one might even think that stuff is given out for free.

That’s the magic of this time of the year.

This time of the year…

We cannot forget the year-end reviews, reflections, introspections, a last-minute refocus to accomplish the goals that we set at the beginning of the year. Such haste and hustle to give one last shot to the year that will get into the pages of yesterday’s soon.

Slow down. That was the one goal I had at the start of 2019 – slow-down, take it easy and take care of myself. I can say that although some days fell short of slow and care, most of the days I succeeded in remembering the need to take it easy.

Slow and steady wins the race – goes the saying. I can’t claim myself as a winner. But in more ways than one I won. I won my trust in myself. By telling myself to slow down, I was actually able to accomplish a lot more than I would have otherwise. That was a very liberating learning I had this year. I didn’t feel panicky, at least most of the time. I didn’t compare my progress with someone else’s which is a huge accomplishment. And for that, I am extremely grateful.

Yet, somewhere along I lost my way. The first half of the year went well. Toward the last week of July, my back pain started to take control of my days. My motivation and energy diminished and I couldn’t do much though I did take it easy.

I do have a feeling of disappointment as I am not able to do everything the way I want to. Still, I can’t help but feel a familiar air of excitement that enfolds me this time of the year. It’s not so hot outside, slowly winter is approaching, malls and stores will adorn decorations and soon it will be our anniversary and Kanna’s birthday and then the new year.

I will be sitting down to figure out my progress so far and goals for 2020. I am grateful for 2019, a year I learned the profound lesson of taking it easy -slowing down doesn’t mean not getting things done; it simply means getting things done gradually and without causing stress. After all, this year saw me as an author which is a big deal to me. If you haven’t read my book – Void Thoughts a collection of poems – *click here to buy from Amazon India and *click here to buy from Amazon US.

I feel good at this time of the year like watching a beautiful sunset slowly spreading its red, orange, yellow, and purple hues all around, drenching us with a feeling of the end, yet radiating the promise of a new dawn, new beginning all over again.

Do you feel the same way?

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This post is written as part of the #WordsMatter blog hop, organized by CorinneShalini, and Parul, where 38 of us are coming together to share our musings on the prompt ‘ It’s not that time of the year without… ’. I received this tag from Shinjini at Modern Gypsy and it’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Rachna at Rachna Says.


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16 thoughts on “This time of the year… #wordsmatter

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your back; hope it gets better soon. Don’t be discouraged by the slowdown in your progress – celebrate all that you did achieve in the first half of the year, and tweak your plans to suit your present. Fluidity in our goals is really helpful, I think!

  2. I’m glad that you are feeling more hopeful as the year ends, Vini. I hope your back gets better and the celebrations help you feel good about yourself. Your book and podcast are reasons in themselves to celebrate. Hugs.

  3. As I grow older, doing things slowly and without panicking is becoming more and more important to me. I hate that feeling of overwhelm when I try to do too many things too fast. I love that you could achieve some of your goals. The rest shall follow.

  4. It’s only with time and age that we learn to take things slow, so what if others seem to be racing ahead! It’s been taking me, too, quite a many attempts to get there, but with patience and perseverance I am also getting myself to accept the pace at which my life is going and to accept that my journey is going to be different than others, so I better get enjoying whatever comes my way!
    Good for you for slowing down, and hugs for that pain in the back. I have experienced it and I know how it can take away all your peace.

  5. Oh yes, the stores are full of ghostly bodysuits and pumpkin lanterns and soon the markets will light up for the Christmas season. It is indeed the happiest time of the year no matter which place it is – India, Uk or US. To get slower and not panicking spares so much of the anxiety from troubling us. You have been happier this year, much much more than the previous years and this is such a nice feeling to say for myself as much as it is for you. 🙂 You forgot 2 more bits of your achievements of this year and they are showing the courage to record 2 poscasts and making 2 YouTube tutorials. You have been brave to go out there. My wishes for you are good health, a healthy back and a lot of peace and calm.

  6. I am totally with you on this one, Vinitha. Going slow is exactly what I am trying to achieve too. Hang on to moments and memories and feel them deeply. There is a magical beauty in experiencing a sunrise or sunset, in watching the tiny, mundane things in our life. I am glad that you were able to do that by and large. It’s horrible when things go wrong on the fitness front. But take heart and hopefully you will feel well again. Here’s wishing that the cheer around us engulfs us all.

  7. Congrats on your book Vinitha-hope it garners huge success. I hope you do get back to your goals, in whatever manner you can. I have also reset and rebooted my game plan for the year this month.

  8. Backpain can be such a headache. I hope you are better now. Taking things slow is a refreshing way to enjoy life and its little moments . Have a fun time in winter.

  9. Congratulations on all those achievements, the ones you mentioned and the ones you overlooked, the everyday wins and the brimming self-confidence that saw you through most of this year, despite the hard times you went through! I really wish that the good continues to prevail and that your trust in yourself and your positivity continues through the rest of the year to lead you to newer goals, dear Vinitha!

  10. Slowing down helped me to do things that really matter clear my day of the busyness clutter that used to keep me tensed and worried all the time. Now I looked at what I have achieved instead of what is still to be done and I pat myself on the back and suprisingly, a lot more gets done!

  11. Me too! I would like to believe that I have learnt the art of priortizing stuff in my life. Everything is important in life, but we need to learn to pace them well. Otherwise life will just fly by in a flash and we will be left wondering where did the time go!

  12. This post had a calming effect on me. It shared textual images of things that had a tranquil feel to it. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

  13. Congratulations on all that what you accomplished. This post made me happy. It showed that we all need to take care of ourselves and do what we think works for us. So proud of you!

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