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Today I am Grateful for… #WorldGratitudeDay #FridayReflections

Today, September 21st is World Gratitude Day. Today is also International Peace Day.

Where there is Gratitude, there is Peace.

Well, it’s true. I write in my gratitude journal almost every day. I don’t have a set time for the day to write in the journal. Ideally, I would sit and write every night reflecting on the day, acknowledging how good or bad it was, stressing on at least three things which made me happy and grateful.

But I don’t do this every night. Some days, when I feel exceptionally happy and content, I pick up my gratitude journal and write right away.

Some days I skip writing due to tiredness and some days I might not have any good things to write about. You know how dull and repetitive some days can be! And of course, some days I just forget to write. 🙂

It’s okay not to write for a day or two. I have refrained from writing in the journal for weeks together and decided that that was okay too. When the moment is right, I inadvertently pick up my gratitude journal and start writing.

Why I write in my daily gratitude journal?

Simple answer is that this activity gives me peace. Writing down three things I was grateful for that day gives me the impression that it was a good day. Not every day will be good, but definitely there will be moments worth my time. It is a way of focusing on the simple happy moments without dwelling too much on what went wrong or what didn’t happen. 

There are people in this world without even these little joys which I take for granted. So I try to treasure them, capture them through my words and lock them in my book for reading on a later day when I run low on gratitude. Just  by reading a few gratitude moments from the past gives me the boost and peace to face the misery at hand. 

What I write in the journal?

Nothing profound. As  I said, some days are rather too dull and repetitive. My most happy moment could be a cup of tea or being alive on such days. And I write that, just that. Whatever makes me feel grateful at that moment, that’s it.

I don’t always share on my blog what I write in my daily journal because it would be too boring for my readers. Nevertheless, that’s not a reason not to practice gratitude. Often, the most boring routines are the ones which we miss miserably when snatched away from us without a warning. So I am grateful for my yesterdays turning into my today and hopefully my tomorrows. 

Do you keep a daily gratitude journal? Share in the comment. 

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Joining Corinne and Shalini for #FridayReflections.

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  1. It is a very good practice ,Vinitha though I do’t a keep a journal of that kind. It will contain an inspiration for tomorrow or some memorable events or later it will become a reference to cherish. Nic habit.

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