Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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We the Runners..

Yesterday we went for our first run as a family. My husband usually goes for running alone.  This time the three of us ran together.And it was my first time running.

When runners took a stroll!
When runners took a stroll!

I was skeptical going for running with my kid. But he did good. Kept his pace manageable for me to catch up with him. The experience was fulfilling at least for those 30 minutes. Oh no we didn’t run continuously for 30 minutes. We started off walking which soon turned into quick steps then set off running.

Kanna made up a little song for us runners.

We are the runners

Go runners, go runners.

We are the strongest

We are brave and smart

Brave and Smart, brave and smart.

We are the runners

We are brave and smart

Go runners, go runners.

Lets go for running

Go runners, go runners!

He kept singing the whole time. It was fun.

We decided that we will go for run daily evening from now on. Lets see if our motivation wins the race.


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