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Weekly Gratitude – 10 #SoulfulSunday

Today morning I woke up at 7:10 to find the sky unusually dark for a 7’o clock morning. I headed downstairs to the kitchen to prepare my morning tea. And there, the digital clock on the oven blinked 6:11 am. My phone settings somehow got messed up during our travels last week and changed my time zone resulting in changing my current time due to the Daylight Saving Time change that started this morning. But, as I am an Arizona resident we don’t follow DST when all the states around us move their clock one hour forward on this Spring Day.

So my morning started off in a ‘did I sleep too much’ mode and quickly changed to ‘thank goodness, I am awake on time’ mode. It made me happy to realize that I woke up on time… like unexpectedly finding a few bucks from an old jeans pocket.  Little joys of life!

Last week kids had their spring break. So, on Saturday morning, we caught a flight to Dallas to visit some friends and family. We got back home on Wednesday night. This was a big trip for us since the pandemic began on 2020 March. We had been visiting a few of our favorite places within Arizona since last fall, but catching a flight and going out of the state only happened now.

How things have changed in a couple of years! How perceptions have shifted in a mere two years!

Spending time with friends and family is needed. Only when we were there enjoying conversations and sharing laughter, we realized how much we missed this. We adapt to the demanding changes. But human beings are social beings. We can’t live in isolation. We need each other to survive and thrive as much as we need sunshine. That’s the biggest lesson this pandemic taught us.

Here are a few things I am grateful for at this moment:

  • Waking up in the morning
  • Sunlight filtering through the blinds into my living room
  • Books – finished three Nancy Drew Mysteries in the last two weeks and currently reading Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Visiting bookstore
  • Time spend with friends and family, both in-person and over the phone
  • Feeling positive
  • Being able to write this post
  • Knowing that I am happy being me

My current feeling is everything is okay. That’s all I need.

How are you feeling?

Vinitha Dileep

Joining Esha for #SoulfulSunday with this gratitude post.


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Gratitude – 10 #SoulfulSunday

  1. Everything is okay. There are some hard days and then everything becomes okay. It is nice that you got to travel to Dallas to meet your friends and the kids had lots of fun. It is nice to wake up to 7.10 am and then to figure out you have earned an extra hour in the morning. It is nice to write up (or down) a small gratitude list for all the things worth being grateful in everyday life.

  2. It was lovely to hear that you all enjoyed the meet up with the cousins and had a great time, Vinitha! I loved esp that you practised gratitude in all the everyday moments of life. I do that too even when I’m not sharing a post about it. So nice to know that things are fine and I sincerely hope that it continues that way for you through the coming week too! Have a blessed week ahead, Vinitha and stay happy. 🙂

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