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Weekly Gratitude – 36 #SoulfulSunday

Last week, my little guy was playing with our dresser by pulling the drawers out and the whole thing fell on top of him. That was a scary moment to deal with. We were right in the next room and were able to free him quickly. Fortunately, he only had a small scratch on his nose that was bleeding, but otherwise, he was okay. We took him to the doctor’s office to check for internal injuries and everything was fine.

Those were the worst minutes I faced. Even after it passed, the scene kept playing in my mind. Worst-case scenarios played in my mind in a never-ending loop.

I felt endless gratitude that my child is all right. I felt scared and emotional thinking of the worst-case scenarios.

Now, I am at a place where I am able to focus on the gratitude part than the what-ifs. Of course, we are more careful now keeping in mind that our little one needs our dedicated supervision. He is almost six years old. But his curious mind and active nature make me anxious. At the same time, I don’t want to restrain him from exploring because that’s his way of learning.

It was a terrifying ordeal. Nevertheless, I am grateful that all is well.

This morning, I was watching him from the other side of the fence after dropping him at school. He kept sending air hugs and air kisses while they were lining up. It made me smile wide and bright. No amount of anything can make me this happy. These little moments are worth cherishing. They are going by too quickly. One day will arrive too soon and he will go to school with a barely audible ‘Love you too’ response like his big brother is doing now.

Things are bound to change. All we have is now. I would rather cherish the tiny, beautiful moments I am blessed in the present rather than look back with longing realizing that it’s too late.

In life, we get to experience a million different feelings. Possibly every day. Among those million different feelings, there might be a handful of moments when we feel unadulterated happiness. And often, these moments are so insignificant and little that it appears as a flicker of light from a faraway star. It’s important that we pause and take the time to savor that fleeting moment as this simple act of acknowledging that tiny moment can fill our hearts with so much happiness and peace.

No one has it all. There is no one in this world who is happy all the time. It’s our ability to draw our attention to those little moments of joy that make a world of difference in our lives. Waiting for things to happen to be happy is foolishness. Things are changing constantly. No one has got any idea what is going to happen tomorrow or the next moment. So if we don’t cherish those moments of joy that pass by us right now, then we might forever be waiting and wasting our precious life.

How was your week? What made you feel grateful? Would you like to share a tiny moment from your life that made you feel genuinely happy last week.

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Soulful Sunday
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4 thoughts on “Weekly Gratitude – 36 #SoulfulSunday

  1. This is why they make furniture straps that attach to the wall.

    When our daughter was about the same age, we were moving – one of our bookcases was empty. It sat across a very short divide from the arm of our couch, on which my husband was resting his head while reading. Our daughter began to climb the empty shelves…

    Next thing I knew, the bookcase came down with a thud. She was crouched in the triangular space between the bookcase and the side of the couch; my husband’s head was obscured between two shelves. Both of them were fine, but an inch difference would have crushed his skull, and had the couch not been there, or had she been just a bit higher, the whole bookshelf might have crushed her.

    We don’t have little ones living in the house, anymore, but we still use the furniture straps. In case our grandson comes to visit.

    Remind your kids always to make up and say “I love you” before parting with you or each other. Life is short. Too short for regrets. I still remember how my daughter would occasionally storm out, first thing in the morning, and how much of a difference it made in my day that she would always call me – even if she was still a bit angry over something – to say that she was sorry and make sure I knew that she loved me. You know, just in case.

  2. So glad he got away lightly. My Mum was a big believer in saying important words when they needed to be said, and I’ve learned that too. Cherishing the present moment is the best and only meaningful thing we can do. Hugs, Vini.

  3. I’m glad he’s fine now, it all played in front of my eyes. I’m always warning my kid not to do that with furniture or any heavy stuff. Know how you would have felt, the scare mostly comes after something unexpected happens. It takes a while to get us back to letting them be. This reminded me of a time when my daughter fell right in front of my eyes and scrapped near her eye. It all happened in front of my eye, but I couldn’t do anything. It played a million times in front of me and in all of it I questioned myself as to why I didn’t stop or tried to stop when it played all the time. It took me a whil to let go of it and feel thankful that it was so close to her eye and not her eye. Thankful really but took a while to let her be. Mine is 5, but I guess age is just a factor when it comes to a mother’s protective feeling for her child(ren).

    I’m glad again he’s fine now. Thanks for sharing this post Vinitha.

  4. So glad your son is fine. It must have been scary! I have had many nerve-wracking moments when my kids were growing up 🙂 Thankfully they are in their 30’s now but my 4 year old grandson is getting into mischief now. Worrying never ends 🙂 Thanks for sharing your beautiful and heartfelt post. Take care.

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