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Welcome 2015!!

Here we are at the last steps of 2014.

As the calendar reveals 2015, does the new dawn really brings in new joys as we wish to each other? Isn’t it going to be the same day like today and yesterday? Same people, same routine, same work? Then what changes? What makes it so wonderful when the clock strikes 12 on a New Year’s Eve?

I was thinking along these lines. Don’t you wonder the same?

Is it because New Year is welcomed by all of us together? Is it because the New Year is something which we are looking forward to as a Universal clock to make new resolutions? Is there a reset button for that fresh start we are looking for?

Whatever be the reason, there is no denying that New Year brings in days to fill with hopes and dreams, anew. And it sure fills our minds with possibilities of new beginnings. And it works out for us, at least for till the end of January. After all, isn’t that we all need, a reset button for the new aspirations to kick in?

Pic via Pixabay
Pic via Pixabay

So lets do the same when 2015 steps in. Lets give a rest to those failed us till today. Lets make resolutions for the coming days to keep. Lets wish that 2015 gives all right reasons to smile. Lets keep a list of hopes and dreams which we want to hold on to as we make a fresh start. Lets make 2015 a memorable year by giving our best throughout. Lets go to bed every night with the hope of a new start and lets wake up every morning with a smile to get through the day. Lets hope for the best this year.. Lets WELCOME 2015!


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  1. i ve wondered the same thing too…i think its the fact that everyone just everyone will be welcoming it and everyone everywhere will have a story that took place the year before it. …that”s a powerful feeling

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