Friday, June 02, 2023
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What if I die now?

Today is day 2 of the 7 Days to Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove at the Write Tribe. And today we are answering a question.


The question I am going to answer is What if I die now? Yes, it is a strange question. And no, I have no inclination towards dying right now. But what if it happens the next moment?

Of course, I will be sad to leave all these behind. And don’t get me started on my kid and husband. Death is indeed a sad business. But there is more to it. I have a philosophy, that when we live we should live so that when it is time to say bye we should not regret, we should not feel like we had made mistakes or passed on opportunities.

In the 31 years of life, I have seen the beautiful and the ugly face of life. I have dealt with the goods, the bads, and the worst life had thrown at me. I survived those. There were differences of opinions on how to deal with bad phases of life, but my ways proved to suit me. I do not have regrets that I had to cut some out of my life nor do I regret that I got into few’s bad book.

I have few shattered dreams. I have few complaints to the God, or whoever scripted my life’s play. But I did what was in my control. And I am happy now, I was happy then, regardless what the situation was. I have learned from my mistakes and I think I haven’t committed the same mistakes again, not in my knowledge anyways. I have learned to make peace with the present. Even better, I learned to believe in me.

As I said I earlier, I will be sad to go at this moment, which constitutes that I have a life I cherish. And all the bitterness life presented made me a better person, at least in my eyes. So if death knocks on my door now, I might ask for five more minutes but I can go without much hesitation.

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0 thoughts on “What if I die now?

  1. Oooh.. that was a strange question indeed! Made me pause and think what if… may be I won’t be ready to leave yet.. there’s still unfinished business.. I guess there always will be one.

    1. Oh of course I’m not ready to leave yet, Nibha. But this is something I think always, especially when difficult decisions are to be made. I want to be happy anytime it is my time to leave. Because many times we take decisions not factoring the death part in.. This way it is easy. I should have mentioned that too in the post, shouldn’t I? 🙂
      thank you for stopping by Nibha..

    1. Your comment was in the spam folder, Pheno! I haveno idea about Tibetian death meditation. So no it isn’t based on that. 🙂 Many times I find myself backing off from what I want to do because of circumstances. But then I don’t feel comfortable thinking what if I could never do that, what if I die and regret not fulfilling my wishes. So now I prioritize. So far it is good for me. I am happy. Learned to become selfish at times. 🙂

  2. You know one of the reasons I am writing my blog is mainly because I often thought what it would be like if I were to disappear like that 🙂 Lot of things to tell my little one would be pending if I die, so writing them in a place where he can also see it after many years and even if I am not around, friends and family know that I write to/for him 🙂

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