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What Would Life Be Without Gratitude

2020 is entering its last quarter soon. As days roll into months, my hope to see 2020 as a COVID free year is dwindling.

This year started on a different note for me as we were in India for vacation when the new year arrived. I couldn’t publish my goodbye 2019 post or Welcome 2020 post on the new year’s eve or when the new year rang in. It felt odd to me. But later when we got back from our vacation, I did write and posted those posts.

At that time though I didn’t realize that throughout this year that feeling of oddness was going to linger.

Now between shopping for masks and feeling uneasy around people without masks while picking up groceries, 2020 is all about giving that odd and different feeling a proper place and year. And in times like this, we need gratitude in our lives.

I completed one more year around the sun this August, thus marking a total of 37 years on the surface of the Earth. The month began on a happy note with my birthday and unexpected gifts and the boys treating me like a queen. But as the birthday bash got over things changed. 

An unknown sadness lingered, though I tried to ignore it. I couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason. 

But it was there, snooping around, sneaking in my mind, snatching my peace…

Then a couple of things happened which made it worse.

So, somewhere in July I had signed up to participate in the beta testing of Medium’s new version of the app. I got in as one of the testers. I kept logging bugs and shared some ideas to make the app more user friendly. I enjoyed the whole process as using the app was already a part of my daily life. 

Then I got an email asking to attend a call with their design team. I was nervous but excited at this opportunity. The call went well. Their interaction was extremely pleasant and professional. I was happy.

After that call, I felt sad. Because that reminded me of how much I miss being part of a team. Engaging in a professional set up and contributing to a team. I miss all that. 

Then another thing happened. Medium changed its terms of conditions upsetting the writers of the platform. Copyright issues are always dreadful for a creative mind. When so many writers who I admired and followed left Medium over the updated terms, I felt dejected. Again. 

That question came back to me. What’s the whole point! What’s the point of writing? What am I doing with my life! What’s the purpose of my life? All those nagging questions took center stage again. I felt low. 

After talking to my husband and my friends slowly I started to feel better. I wrote again. There is no denying the fact that no matter what, writing makes me happy. It may be pointless, but it makes me happy. Maybe, that’s the purpose of my life. Write to make me happy.

What I wrote

I published 17 posts in Medium in August. Sharing the links here for your reading pleasure.

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 What Would Life Be Without Gratitude

I am grateful for writing, and for having people in my life with whom I can talk to, who are ready to listen to me. 

I am grateful for the tiny moments of happiness that fills the pages of my gratitude journal every day. 

I am grateful for getting to celebrate another birthday. 

I am grateful for everything that is going fine. 

To be honest, I had a good month despite the negative feelings. The month ended on a rather good note with us celebrating Onam, a Kerala festival, together as a family. It made me immensely happy as I put together the Sadhya (feast).

So that was my 2020 August. How was yours?

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7 thoughts on “What Would Life Be Without Gratitude

  1. Soulfully refreshing. Gratitude in times of unfavourable circumstances involves great strength of mind. I totally agree with you that we need to look at the positive side of this current situation. There are so many wonderful things to feel good about and I thank you for listing a few from your side.

  2. My best wishes to you for completing one more revolution around the sun. I am sure I have told you umpteen times how much I admire you for writing away for the major part of the pandemic time. And, I very well know it was necessary too to help you stay happy and content. Keep writing to your heart’s content. You have noticed a cycle of low following something good and happy everytime. Can there be a means to address the onset of lows as soon the tendency arises? I loved your photos from the Onam day and the Sadhya spread too. I hope someday I get to relish it as well.
    As for me, August treated me well this year. I can safely say it was the best month of 2020 for me. I did not do anything big or great but my meditations, crochet and calls with my favourite people kept me feeling happy and light on majority of the days. I was successful in keeping the inner hole filled up.
    I wish you an immensely satisfying September.

  3. It would be a lie to say 2020 has been okay for me… working inside a hospital in the operation theaters and ICUs where you never know which patient will end up being COVID19 (we have to stabilize them long before the test results comes), it has been mentally exhausting. I haven’t been able to visit my family since Jan and don’t even know when I can see them next… for now, escape is in the form of binge watching tv shows or youtube comedy skits

  4. Oh I loved the graphic Vini – the Thank You is written so colorfully and brightly 🙂 I hear you on the 2020 disaster that has us staring down the barrel of a gun but this too shall pass. We will laugh about it one day very soon. Till then hold on my friend. Meeting you was one of the best things of 2019 for me – holding onto things like that at my end 🙂

    Look at that Sadya – your boys sure are lucky and good that they pampered you Vini; Wishing you a very happy belated bday from my end- wish I had known it was your bday, would have loved to wish you on the day itself. We must exchange our bdays and address on DM soonest.

    I didnt know you wrote so much on Medium. I didnt know they went through a change in policy. I recently had logged on after seeing some of you posting there and was going to ask one of you about it. Now I dont know if I should pursue it. Maybe you can tell me about it more – lets do a video call one of these days and have a long chit chat about it.

    You hand in there and write and write and write. Your fiction tag is doing so well – I try to read most of them even if I am unable to take part in them. And some really nice work there.

    Hugs and love my dear girl XOXO

  5. 2020 has been odd, yes, that is the kindest word we can use for it 🙂

    I’m so happy for you about being a part of Medium’s team, I understanding the feeling of being a team player and how good it feels. Kudos for writing so many posts on medium!

    Our Onam was good too, had a sadya at mom’s place and it was divine 🙂

    Wishing you a fabulous September, Vinitha.

  6. My Belated birthday wishes Vinitha. Onam sadya is great. Hope you enjoyed celebrating festival and birthday. I am a software tester and used to do beta testing for some apps a few years ago. Now I do it full time though 🙂

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