Friday, December 03, 2021

What you say?

Sometimes I find it hard to accept that the posts which I wrote with passion and love is not getting enough attention. Have you felt that with your writings too? Maybe the timing wasn’t right. But it feels bad when such cherished writings just lay there with no visits and no affections. I do feel sorry for those posts.

I have a habit of reading older posts, you know the earlier ones of a fellow blogger. I try to read as much as my time permits. I find it as a way of knowing the person and the writer. And it breaks my heart when I read something that amuses me, sitting under those piles of unvisited posts only to bear the weight of the new writings. I feel bad, truly.

I was revisiting few of my old posts and the ones in the draft today. It gave me an idea. I am planning to visit fellow bloggers old posts every week and I will write a post summarizing them. That way I will read too and it might give you a chance to go through those forgotten write ups.

What you say?


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  1. Yes. Its very true. It throws a lot of light on the person’s attitude, emotions and beliefs. Moreover, you may have missed those truly amazing blogs. The process of ideation may just begin with those blogs revisited 🙂

  2. Previously it used to hurt me when any blog post of mine, which had been close to my heart , would not get readers . But now i have come to terms with it. Now I know which ones will get read and which will not. So I get over my unread and less read posts by writing more posts. Down the line i have noticed each one eventually gets readers or visitors.

  3. It always happens. Sometimes, when you write sometthing with pull passion and there are no visits, you start feeling like something is wrong with your blogging.
    I have even felt minor depressions lol. Imagine someday, I am in a bad mood and wrote a passionate post pouring all my heart and noone saw that. I feel like giving up blogging even but thanks to life. Ups and downs keep coming, more likes on next post give me strength.

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