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What’s good about routines? Everything!!

How are you all? I know, I know, I wasn’t meaning to stay away from this space for this long, a month long! But have you checked my other blog? AtoZ challenge was running with all its spirit and my Void Thoughts managed to hold on till the last day of the challenge.

I am still in India and the internet connection is not very reliable due to the travel. Hence the month-long disappearance. I do miss interacting with other blogs on a daily basis, thinking about ideas for the next blog post, weekly Sneak from the Past posts, Five Sentence Fictions, poems, 100 words fictions, stories about Kanna, and everything else I used to write about and those which motivated me to write. I miss that routine which was considered boring when it was there, but without which life seems to be out of order, totally and completely. I feel like a misplaced page in a book waiting for the author to correct the mistake. I realize how much I miss my routines.

What is great about all these little disadvantages is that, as soon as that order finds its way back in our life, it gives a sweet comfort to life itself where nothing else matters, no more whinings over the daily routines. I can’t wait to get back to those mechanical routines which make my life so normal, so blessed.

So dears, if you are bored with the same old routines, take a moment and say thanks. Those tiny little moments where boredom sneaks upon you and you sigh, “it’s boring”, some of us miss those moments.

In the race between uncertainties and dull routines, I root for those dull routines. What is our choice, if you are given a choice? Do share!


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26 thoughts on “What’s good about routines? Everything!!

  1. I love my routines. They are so comforting. But every now and then, it’s good to step out and do things differently too 🙂

    1. I like to do things differently when it was my decision to do so. Otherwise staying out of routines is forcing me to live differently and it’s hard for me. 🙂

  2. I prefer my routines, Vinitha. Someone might even find me dull and boring, coz change is far more exciting. But, for me, routines are comforting, and I prefer staying within my comfort zones. 🙂

    1. Staying in comfort zone is precious for me too. And I don’t mind getting out of comfort zone once in a while, but not like this, not by putting the sane life on hold without knowing how long!

  3. Thankfully my job is such that no two shifts are the same 🙂 so no routine for me .. and that is what i love about the job meet so many new people each day and everyone is a character for sure 🙂

  4. My favourite line from this post is “I feel like a misplaced page in a book waiting for the author to correct it”. This is a wonderful thought.
    I don’t like routine. I create artificial disruptions in routines while staying at home all the time, trying to search new ways to get out of routine. I am not simply a routine person.

    1. I love routines sometimes, I mean most of the times. 🙂 I miss the routines we had in Phoenix as we used to go for a drive every night. Some routines are heavily missed as time changes, like now, due to our India visit, Kanna is missing his classes. Though I have no complaints in missing the bus waiting session, but this is a constant reminder that he is missing his school.

  5. hmm! I guess I am a routine’ sort of guy. Day starts and ends. However, blogging helps to deviate from those routine thoughts and ignites those sparks in me, even whilst am at the most tiring situation. Am enjoying.

  6. At some moments of life,, I crave routine. It makes living life so uncomplicated and stress free.
    But at some moments, I just feel like breaking free and doing my own thing.
    Maybe, it’s just my teenage hormones acting up? 😛

    1. At ties I do like change but now is not that time. I don’t think that it is your teenage hormones acting up, Mithila. 🙂

    1. I’m all for getting out of the regular route once in a while, Parul. But for now I am not able to get back to my routines because of other constraints. Feels like I’m tied up without my consent. 🙂

  7. Routines sure are comforting at times, but generally I crave variety with a challenge. However, on the far end of the spectrum it can be a challenge to have no routines at all. It does make for an exciting life full of adventures; however, day in and day out I find it exhausting too push out of my comfort zone constantly. So for me I crave a healthy balance. Today for instance, going with the flow, I enjoyed a spontaneous event that I was treated to and it was a delight to do so! 😉 <3

    1. At times getting out of routines is the way to go. But in general for me, routines are way more comforting. 🙂 I like knowing what comes next most of the times. 🙂

  8. I was actually thinking I need a break from this boring life (i know i just had one a week back).. too much workload.. my mind thinking up stories and not able to put pen to paper. For motivating myself, I think of my children’s future and carry on. But, you are right, I would be like lost fish out of water without the predictability of life.

    1. Yep, that predictability is what I am missing now. I am hoping that it will find its way back in our life soon enough. 🙂

  9. I will be like Winnie The Poo – and say YES PLEASE to both. I do like uncertainty and change- and to be pushed a bit to challenge myself…but I also like my corny routines – some of them – that I do not even know I have until I suddenly miss them (like on vacations…) Great read Vinitha:-)

  10. I agree with you. A boring routine is better than having all the time in the world to do nothing or having no fixed time to do something!

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