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When you care for a new baby

Motherhood is an exciting journey. So exciting that if we are not prepared well to tend to the newborn, it may wear us down. It doesn’t matter how tiny the new life is, having a small delicate baby and tending to him/her all time can be really exhausting.
So, how do you cope with that? Today, I am going to share how I managed to be in-charge of my sweet little bundle of joy.
  1. Educate yourself by reading a lot of books on taking care of the baby while you are pregnant. Almost all aspects of how to, and what to, will be covered in new baby books.
  2. Sign up for the new baby care class if you have one in your area. They will teach you how to hold the baby, how to feed the baby, how to bathe the baby, how to change clothes for the baby, how to clean and change diaper for the baby, etc. Trust me, this was extremely helpful for me.
  3. Join an online group for new mommies and be in touch with other moms who are going through or have gone through the same. You might have your mother or mother-in-law with you to take care of the baby, but chances are they have done this baby caring some 25 years back. Having someone to depend on is good but having someone who embarked on motherhood recently just like you, is always better.
  4. Make paediatrician your best friend. Trust your paediatrician and follow him/her. My angel help was my son’s pediatrician, be it sleep, feeding, diaper rash or anything.
  5. Stick to a schedule. Both you and the baby will enjoy it.
  6. Be prepared for surprises. There will be growth spurts or some days will go completely different. Take it easy.
  7. Trust your intuitions. You’re the mommy, you know your baby better than anyone. Don’t ignore your intuitions.
  8. Most important rule – sleep whenever the baby sleeps. I know there will be other stuff to take care of, but this helped me. Whenever my baby slept or took a nap, I did the same. New mothers need all the rest they can to make up for sleep deprivation as they have to feed the baby every 2 hours.

These are few pointers that helped me to take care of my baby yet stay maintain my sanity. It may not take away the exhaustion, but it will definitely help in making the journey a bit easier.

Originally published in World Of Moms.

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4 thoughts on “When you care for a new baby

  1. I totally agree and you should be prepared that you will hear a lot of advice from a lot of corners. You may not be able to do everything. Not all moms and kids are same. So choose the one that is best fit for you and you little one! And don’t worry abt any mistake that you do. We are not perfect..and our little ones will love us even if we do them because thankfully, they do not judge us.!! Hahhahaha!

  2. That’s what parents are all about…theres so much that goes into child’s upbringing. All the best Vinitha, put your best foot forward in this beautiful journey of life 🙂

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