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Where it all began #SoulfulSunday 1

On Sunday at 7 pm IST three of us huddled in a corner in our own houses separated by the physical world to create our first Soulful Sunday session. First, we listened to a guided meditation session for a little over 10 minutes followed by a writing session for the next 10 minutes.

Here is my first #SoulfulSunday

Last night I kept waking up. I kept dreaming about our first Soulful Sunday session. There was excitement beyond words can capture I guess. So many musings we poring in.

Clearly, my mind was trying to figure out what to write. All those musings and storylines kept my sleep hostage.

Still, I managed to get some sleep. This kind of excitement happens when it was exam time. Okay, let’s not call that excitement. just sleeplessness.

But now I experience sleeplessness due to excitement a lot as I get older. The excitement could be brought about by anticipation I guess.

Honestly, I don’t like it. I like my sleep excitement-less, peaceful, and well-rested!

So this Soulful Sunday session went well. Our first Soulful Sunday with a guided meditation followed by 10 minutes of writing.

I am still excited! 🙂

The flexibility to write in our journal or on the laptop as well as welcoming any creative activity like writing, doodling, painting, or any other creative work which would give us peace and calm is a feature of #SoulfulSunday that I am more excited about.

This was surely an exciting journey for me. I did write about the excitement. 🙂

You are welcome to join Esha, Shilpa, and me for the next #SoulfulSunday session at 7 pm IST for a guided meditation session followed by a creative session of your choice.


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42 thoughts on “Where it all began #SoulfulSunday 1

  1. I think this is the first such session I participated in, Vini. And, it felt good! I would like to read what you wrote in your journal. Do you plan on sharing it here? As in, typing it into a blog post?

  2. I loved the spontaneity of the exercise, Vinitha! Your piece of writing was a window into your mind and how eagerly you were looking forward to actually getting on with the writing. I think the quiet hours of the night allowed you to introspect more and you joined in with a heightened enthusiasm.
    So glad we did this together. Can’t wait for more in the coming days. 🙂

    1. Yes, it was so nice to try this activity together. Next time I will try to write in my blog and see how that works. I am actually very excited that we have something like to keep us going. I was thinking just now that I will try meditating for 10 minutes and attempt my hand at writing a poem when I find it difficult to write which is most of the time lately. Will let you know if it works. ??

  3. A powerful exercise Vinitha to ignite the writer and will try this method when am stuck, starting with meditation. You have such a beautiful hand writing. Journaling is very helpful in creating human stories and fiction.

    1. Yes, the intention is to just sit and write. The guided meditation in the beginning calms our mind down letting the thoughts flow easily.
      Thank you so much, Vishal, you are so kind. I agree, journaling is very helpful. ?

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