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Why boys should cry..

Haven’t we all heard that boys won’t cry! I have a boy and I never stopped him whenever he was in tears. I offer consoling words. I hug him. But never told him that he should not cry, because boys won’t cry.

Here are few of my reasons why I say it is okay to let your tears out.

  1. Boys are not super humans.
  2. Failures and sorrows touch boys too.
  3. Humans are a mix of all emotions, sadness and tears are part of it; boys are only humans.
  4. Suffocating tears aren’t going to make anyone strong.
  5. Holding back tears will attack from inside and will hurt badly
  6. Emotions are just emotions; crying doesn’t make anyone weak.

If boys were not supposed to cry just like we were taught to believe, then boys wouldn’t have born with tear glands. Telling young kids that it is wrong to cry will eventually result in emotional damage. Because face it, getting upset is the way of life. The bottled up tears sooner or later will find their way out. And it assumes a different avatar then, anger. However manly we think anger is, it is not. Anger will consume the body and soul little by little.

So next time you say to your little boy that he should not cry because boys won’t do that, even if it is to just quite him down, remember that you are not doing your precious little one any favor.

Let them cry, let them learn to embrace the tears, both boys and girls!

Originally published in World Of Moms.

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11 thoughts on “Why boys should cry..

  1. You are absolutely right! In fact, I feel boys crying also shows how comfortable and confident they are about themselves. They dont see themselves as the ones that hv to show off a fake themselves to anyone. Raw emotions make a man or woman!
    Great point, not to let the boys bottle everything up at a small age…in later years, it shows up as a much harsher emotion!

  2. Yesterday I told Dhruv not to cry on every other issue, not because he is a boy but because habitual crying takes away our energy which we can devote in thinking the solution. Why was he crying? His pant had got wet while washing hands in the bathroom. He must not have understood my point then but he may sometime.

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