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Word of the Year

Word of the Year 2021

This is my favorite part – setting a word of the year. It all started back in 2015. 2021 is the 7th year I am doing this exercise. This time I knew what word is going to be my guide in 2021 when December began.

The idea is to set a word to help us guide through the year. As vague it might sound, it works. It worked for me for the past six years, except in 2018. That’s when the overambitious me set three words and I failed miserably. So my experience suggests that I should keep one word as an anchor to keep me grounded and steady. To remind me the what and the why, so I can explore the how and the where.

In 2015 I chose the word CALM which helped me to stay calm during uncertain situations. The word KIND helped me throughout 2016 in setting an atmosphere to show kindness toward me. I chose ENJOY as the word of 2017 as it seemed relevant with my new baby and all. In 2018 I went overboard and chose three words – FOCUS, BELIEVE, and BALANCE – to guide me which didn’t work out the way I intended as I struggled to remember these words during the year. So in 2019, I decided to go with INDULGE to show my path and that was a success. I decided in 2020 that I have a choice in everything and set CHOICE as my word of 2020. Again the word helped me to remember that I had a choice even though the year as such didn’t give us a choice. Somehow the word worked for me.

Word of the Year 2021

In December last year when I was writing my year review post, this word came to me. It felt appropriate for my 2021 and how I want this new year to be. The word is progress.

Word of the Year 2021

My biggest problem is procrastination due to perfectionism. I don’t think I am a perfectionist, to be honest. It is more like procrastination due to the fear of getting it wrong. Because I am okay with having a few tangled knots or even some illegible scribbles. But the fear that I am going mess it up always stops me from taking that step.

So, that’s why when the word progress came to my mind, I felt that this is the word I want to guide me in 2021. Even if it is only a teeny bit, there still is progress.

If I do only 10 minutes of writing done on a day, that still is progress. There is no place for perfectionism or procrastination. That’s my only intention.

I want to give life to the many projects which have been lying unloved in the folders of my computer for so many years.

I want to pat on my back even if I do only 10 minutes of yoga a day instead of feeling that I have only done 10 minutes of yoga.

So, I choose PROGRESS as my word to show me that anything I do today is a step forward to my goal and that should be applauded rather than received with a negative mindset of ‘I could’ve done better’.

Now, tell me do you have a word for 2021? If so, what is it?


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10 thoughts on “Word of the Year 2021

  1. Here’s wishing you luck for “Progress” during this year. I agree on the procrastination part. I am working on setting aside a fixed amount time for writing too this year.

  2. I love that you say that the stage between procrastination and perfection is progress! Great choice of word and I’m going to remember your take on this. Here’s to much progress in 2021, Vini.

  3. That’s a great way to talk about progress. And a wonderful way to guide you through the year. I’m just wondering about the word Id choose.

  4. That’s a wonderful way of talking about progress. I had picked something else in the beginning (oops! I can’t remember now!)
    but, I picked consequences again

    1. I try to remember the word by writing it down on my journal pages after the 2018 fiasco. Consequences is a good one. I think it’s the way we interpret the word gives that purpose to move forward. Right? ?

  5. That’s a wonderful and very positive perspective to look at things. An excellent word that will keep you inspired and keep moving forward ?

  6. Progress is a fantastic word to go with, Vinitha! I’m wishing you progress on every front, to the degree that your heart and soul desire and I wish it unfolds a sense of deep contentment within to lead you on to even more exploration and discoveries about the things to do in future. I love how the word signifies a forward movement. Amen to all your wishes, dear Vinitha!!

  7. Wishing you tonnes of luck with your WOTY Vini. I have stopped setting this as I found it stresses me out more than anything. I get your point of procrastination and trust me there are many in the same boat. I would love to get those projects out of my folders too but lack of motivation and fear of being judged hold me back a lot.

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