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Word of the Year – 2022

Every year since 2015 I have been setting a word of the year. Normally by the last week of December, I would be certain of my word for the next year. But this time I had a difficult time coming up with my word of the year. 

A word of the year is to guide the individual during that year. It’s this keystone word that will help you navigate life more or less smoothly. 

I set my word based on my experiences in the previous year. The challenges in the prior year and how well or not I tackled them is my compass in setting the word. 2021 wasn’t exactly a picnic for me and I struggled in identifying a word for 2022.

Word of the Year

In 2021, my mind worked from a place of lack. Even when I had an abundance of everything I needed and wanted in my life, my mind kept going back to a place of not enough. Time seemed to be the one most important entity that was running out on me. Nothing I did was good enough. For a person who is well organized and is clear in how I wanted my physical and mental space to be, I most certainly lived in chaos and clutter in 2021. No matter how hard I tried I could never fix my physical and mental space. Time was constantly running out. Or so I felt. 

Word of the Year – 2022

This year I intend to change that. There is always a choice. No matter how late I get to a task, it’s never too late. The decision lies on me. I need to remember that. 

So, my chosen word for 2022 to help me in navigating these 12 months is NOW. 

NOW is the time. If I am alive then it means the time hasn’t run out. I am not going to be badgered with ‘what’s the point’ questions my very dubious self pester me with. The point is I can and I will. And I must. 

I feel bad for 2021 because it was a good year. Good things had happened, yet I was not completely present there to enjoy the goodness. 

The only thing I can control is how I respond to a situation and now is the time to realize and focus on what matters to me.

Everything is possible. 

There is enough time. 

Now is the time. 

Written for #SoulfulSunday, an exercise to nourish our creative side, formulated by Esha and supported by Shilpa and yours truly.

Soulful Sunday
Soulful Sunday

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10 thoughts on “Word of the Year – 2022

  1. Its a super awesome word, so damn powerful. I totally hear you and I slipped into this zone multiple times in 2021 and am doing a bit of it now as well. But as you say reacting to a situation or how we take life’s experiences specially those we cannot control is completely upto us. May this be a fabulous year for you my dear. Happy New Year

  2. That’s a great word! So important to remember that we have the power, now, in this moment to choose how we respond to things, rather than letting our brain gremlins try to convince us there’s no point to what we are doing. Can’t see how your word helps you to shape this year.

  3. This is what happened to me, ignoring mental health and so many things that I could do but didn’t. I plan not to rush but slowly take things at a time with writing to be the first priority, something that went downhill last year. It’s about time we reclaim our lives with choices made. Keep soaring, Vinitha.

  4. living in the present is probably one of hardest thing people from our generation find. The struggle and anxiety during the pandemic has added more stress to that. I hope you have a more peaceful year. Wish you a happy and fulfilling year.

  5. That’s a really good choice of word, Vinitha! I think one of the things that happened last year and the year before, is the pressure to make up for the time we’ve lost but the reality is, we will never ‘make up’ for any of it and should really focus on the present. Hope you have a lovely 2022 despite all the uncertainty

  6. I’m a great believer in the importance of living in the present moment (or at least trying to) and your choice of word speaks to me loudly!
    Wishing you great learning and growth through your word.

  7. The power of now or Ichigo Ichie as the Japanese would say. I think you will enjoy redaing the book by the same name by the authors of Ikigai. Check it out.

    Being present in the moment is the best present we can give ourselves, dear Vinitha.

    Have a splendid 2022. In the Now!

  8. I love the focus on NOW and this is a reminder I needed to hear. I wish that you get to enjoy the now in 2022 and always. i am also finding my foot in this.

  9. Nothing like a good cancer scare to jolt you into the NOW! (I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but it turned out okay and it did snap me out of my wallowing funk.) I want to LIVE – and to enjoy the living. When nothing is taken for granted, its easy to feel gratitude.

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