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Writer’s Block – Have you been there?

Today, Elly from Xpress Your Essence has blogged about the infamous “Writer’s Block”. I want to share my views on the same here.

Pic via Pixabay
Pic via Pixabay

Before I started to blog consistently, I blamed it on the writer’s block. It was true that I had ideas and words floating inside my mind and it was true that when I sit down to note them down it was all gone. Many a days had passed with me staring at a blank paper. I was irritated sometimes. I couldn’t understand what was going wrong. I felt terrible when words played hide and seek with me.

Those were the times I wrote just poems. And I wrote for my amusement. When the words surfaced when I had access to a pen and paper, it shaped into poems. I never sat down just to write. I never dedicated my time to write. I demanded words to find me. I didn’t go in search of words.

Then few months back I had this feeling that I should write more, that I should blog more. I wanted to be heard and read. I thought about it and started exploring. I read few blogs, got to know about the prompts and challenges and participated in Five Sentence Fiction for the first time. That was in July. And that was what I needed to find my voice back. I wrote fictions for the first time. And amazingly, I liked what I did. Then I found out that I can write without prompts too. All I had to do was to sit down with the intention of writing and just write.

Sometimes I do get the writer’s block but it isn’t anything that I can’t manage. Writer’s block does exist. It can hit a writer so hard at times. But as someone who likes to write, it is my duty to overcome it. I find myself in that spot when my mind is filled with other things. What I found out was writer’s block has nothing to do with the writer or the writing itself. Creativity won’t get blocked just like that. Of course, life can get in the way, that’s another story but it isn’t writer’s block. When writing is my passion how can it be blocked?

Linking to Day 11 of NaBloPoMo – November.


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  1. So, true, Vinitha…I love the new look of your blog and I can see that you are going stronger with each post. Keep it up 🙂

  2. Sometimes I feel that this so-called writers block is more like a mental block which holds us back. Kudos to you for finding your joy with five sentence fiction :). Personally, even I am a big fan of all types of micro-fiction like 55words, 100 words, 5 sentence and the likes.

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